125 Piece Bream Species Pack

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Bream Tacklebox

Keep your tackle organised and tangle-free so you're prepared to cast in any fishing scenario you encounter with Jarvis Walker Tacklebox Species Packs. Jarvis Walker Tacklebox Species Packs contain 125 pieces of tackle and tackle storage. All Jarvis Walker Tacklebox Species Packs tackle and tackle storage solutions offer exceptional value in a versatile tackle storage that's built tough to last.

Jarvis Walker Tacklebox Species Packs with 125 pieces give you easy selection to own a variety of tackle at a great price. Stack up your tackle box with Jarvis Walker.

Pack contains:

  • Handcaster 11.5cm (Approx 4") x1
  • Hook Remover Yellow Plastic x1
  • Hook Baitholder Bronze Size 2 x15
  • Hook Baitholder Bronze Size 4 x 20
  • Hook Baitholder Bronze Size 6 x20
  • Hook Kirby Bronze Size 4 x20
  • Hook Nickel Suicide Size 1 x10
  • Hook Nickel Suicide Size 4 x15
  • Sinker Bean x6
  • Sinker Bean x6
  • Swivel Barrel Brass Size 6 x10
  • Swivel Barrel Brass Size 8 x12
  • Swivel Barrel W/Snap Brass Size 6 x12
  • Tackle Box 2 Tray x1
  • Unweighted Bream Rig-Running x2

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