Fishing Bait

Having fished the Murray River at Corowa for years we have a pretty good idea what bait works and we try to keep these stocked all year depending on availability.
It is important to have a variety of bait when you go fishing as one bait will work today but maybe they are biting a different bait tomorrow.

Fishing Bait that we stock

Worms ………euro crawlers an economical that works
Scrub Worms ……these worms are big and tough, they stay alive long and stay on the hook longer
Yabbies……. We keep these all summer as long as they are available good bait tend to attract bigger fish
Bardy Grubs ………these are hard to get and cost quiet a bit but are well known around town as COD LOLLIES

Other baits you can get from most Super Markets

Mozzarella Cheese……….Buy it at the Super Market in a block or knob and all you need is a chunk on the hook
Chicken Fillet………….Raw chicken fillet a chunk on the hook works very well.