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Safari H2O Kayaks and Canoes are custom built & coloured locally near Wangaratta. 


Drifter Plus Kayak

The Drifter Plus is a proven performer with great features. From your very first paddle, you will enjoy what this boat has to offer.

 Why choose Drifter Plus?

  • The Drifter Plus is easy to use in every sense. It offers a great paddling experience and anyone experienced or new to paddling will feel in control from the outset.
  • The boat tracks straight and turns how you’d want it to. It does not have a mind of its own, making it a great kayak for all paddlers.
  • The weight of the boat makes it easy to handle, and it will give you great confidence to just get in it and have fun.
  • The Drifter Plus is also a great kayak for playing around in the surf.

Category: Sit In / Recreation

Application: All flat water, white water up to Grade 2, rivers, calm ocean

Key features:

  • Large cockpit makes it easy to get in and out of
  • Hammock storage area under the deck for easy access. An innovation that makes so much sense and will be one of your most used features.
  • Large rear hatch with sealed bulkhead storage area behind the paddler
  • Adjustable footrests
  • Built-in safety floatation
  • Extremely comfortable, fully padded and adjustable UF Design™ seating (adjustable for height and lumbar)
  • Paddle holder
  • Full deck rigging
  • Easy to adjust footrails
  • Comfortable, fully adjustable seat and back rest
  • Paddle included 

    The Drifter Plus story:
    Traditionally, kayaks were all around 13 feet long (4 metres), but we wanted a shorter boat for convenience of handling and paddling. However, often a shorter boat means a compromise in tracking, so we worked hard to build a hull with the tracking and stability that a longer kayak provides.

    We also wanted a hull that provided good speed and was comfortable to sit in. We wanted a kayak for people who didn't want a small cockpit and a feeling of entrapment, and designed all these attributes into the Drifter Plus. It’s a boat that people will have a great experience with, and will stand the test of time.

    The Drifter Plus was Safari H2O founder Robin Box’s design. He wanted a kayak that looked smart and was inspiring to paddle, and we’re very pleased with the result.

    Length: 3m

    Width: 80cm

    Height: 30cm

    Paddler weight: From children through to adults of 110kg

    Weight: 18.75kg

    Cockpit length: 90cm

    Cockpit width: 49cm

    Please contact us for advice to make the right choice for you before you buy.

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