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Safari H2O Kayaks and Canoes are custom built & coloured locally near Wangaratta. 


Dash Kayak

If cruising is what you want to do, then the Dash is the kayak for you. Stable, easy to manoeuvre, light on the controls and comfortable to paddle, the Dash is suitable for all touring paddlers.

 Why choose Dash?

  • Dash is the perfect choice for somebody just getting into touring kayaks. It is the first of our touring kayaks that has a slightly wider hull, giving the paddler a more secure and stable feel, and has enough length to give you good speed, without losing its manoeuvrability.
  • The luggage storage areas provide enough space to allow you to do some adventure travelling, making it the perfect boat for exploring.
  • The slightly larger cockpit gives paddlers of all experience more confidence when getting in and out of the kayak.

Category: Touring Kayak

Application: Lakes, rivers, rapids up to Grade 1, bays, estuaries, calm ocean

Key features:

  • Stable hull
  • Larger cockpit
  • Sealed bulkheads with storage front and rear
  • Foot operated retractable steering rudder
  • Extremely comfortable seat
  • Easy to manoeuvre, light to control and comfortable to paddle
  • Adjustable foot rests
  • Fully adjustable and padded seat
  • Built-in safety floatation
  • Paddle included 

    The Dash story:
    Traditionally, there’s not a good stepping stone between your recreational kayaks and most of the available sea and touring kayaks. Through our own experiences, that of our staff, and speaking to other paddlers, we realised there was a need to develop a boat that was somewhere in between.

    Our research showed that stability was one of the key factors in what paddlers wanted, as was ease of access, which resulted in our wider cockpit. Paddlers also wanted all the features offered by adventure touring kayaks, with outright speed not a major consideration.

    The Dash is a very important model, giving the paddler a great transition for those who are thinking of stepping up to larger sea kayaking, while still having a kayak that's great for day trips and smaller rivers.

    Length: 400cm

    Width: 69cm

    Paddler weight: up to 130kg

    Weight: 23kg

    Deck height: 35cm

    Cockpit length: 85cm

    Cockpit width: 35cm

    Please contact us for advice to make the right choice for you before you buy.

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