Double Action Air Pump

Double Action Air Pump


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  • 2x2 Litre
  • Non-Kink 1m Hose
  • Large Handle
  • Foot Stirrups
  • 4x Air Adaptors

This is an example of the classic manual hand pump. It will even fill (or top up) a rigid inflatable boat in a surprisingly short time. The secret is that it is double action. It pumps on the downstroke AND the upstroke. A new feature of this style of pump is the improved locking system on the hose and fittings. They are less likely to “blow off” while you are pumping. Comes with 4 air adaptors and 1m long non-kink hose. Also has extra-large handle and foot stirrups. 


• Nominal pressure 0.3bar
• Stroke volume 3.5l
• Dimensions: 450(H) x 200(W) Handle x 100(Dia.)mm

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