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Safari H2O Kayaks and Canoes are custom built & coloured locally near Wangaratta. 


The Safari Plus Kayak

A kayak for everyone, the Safari Plus is a real 'allrounder'. Great for paddling in rivers and lakes, the boat is designed with a unique shallow draft, with excellent tracking, stability and manoeuvrability.

Why choose the Safari Plus?

  • The Safari Plus is the most efficient boat in its class and would be the leader in performance for length.
  • The shallow draft and the Double Tunnel Hull Technology gives you uncompromised tracking, and provides fantastic manoeuvrability.
  • Safari Plus is ideal for all paddlers due to its seat location and the height of the deck. It is one of the easiest boats to paddle for its length, and everyone has a great first experience in it.
  • It's very stable and easy to hop on and off, making it one of our most popular boats.

Category: Sit-On Top /Recreation

Application: Lakes, rivers, calm coastal bays, and Grade 1 and 2 white water, surf

Key features:

  • Unique UF Design handles make the boat easy and comfortable to lift, from any angle
  • Double Tunnel Hull Technology that reduces drag, gives great tracking and a shallow draft
  • Tracking and manoeuvrability is second to none, allowing you to move around in congested areas, such as near river banks
  • Shallow draft reduces drag and is great in small rivers and creeks
  • Luggage storage area with sealed 6"hatch
  • Front and rear carry handles
  • Stackable
  • High waterline
  • Kiddy seat lets you share the padding experience with small children
  • Recessed storage area
  • Bungee deck rigging
  • D-ring for backrests and thigh brace straps, strong and flush mounted with nothing to catch on
  • Paddle and backrest included 

The Safari Plus story:
When the sit-on-top was an emerging design because of the ease of getting on and off the boat, we wanted a kayak that had an uncompromised performing hull - something that really went against the norm.

We wanted a boat that would provide the performance of a sit-in kayak, with all the convenience of a sit-on-top, which led to the introduction of the Double Tunnel Hull Technology and the Safari Plus.

It was a big challenge for our design team, and we broke some new territory in the development, and couldn't be happier with the outcome. The Safari Plus has rewarded us by being a very popular model.


  • Length: 273cm
  • Width: 84cm
  • Paddler weight: 110kg (teenage children through to adults)
  • Weight: 19kg
  • Deck height: 27cm

Please contact us for advice to make the right choice for you before you buy.

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