Safari H2O Skip Kayak

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Safari H2O Kayaks and Canoes are custom built & coloured locally near Wangaratta. 


The Skip Kayak

Skip is a stable, light boat that is great for the beginner and kids at heart. The Skip is ideal to start them off in the world of paddling with unlimited hours of enjoyment. And best of all, parents love the Skip, as it helps to keep the kids nearby, enjoying hours of fun in the water.

Why choose the Skip?

  • Parents love the Skip - it's tons of fun for the kids and they stay close to the shore while enjoying themselves.
  • Because of its manoeuvrability and tracking, the Skip is not compromised in any way. This enables you to get the boat to do what you want from the effort you're putting in. It tracks quite well, but will turn quickly if required due to its great manoeuvrability. It is solely a play boat, and kids can stand up on it, tip it over and use it as a floating diving board. It becomes a challenge to see how far you can paddle it while standing up.
  • If you're an adult and love to surf, it's a fantastic surf boat - we use it ourselves and it's our first choice of boat when we're at the ocean as you can catch every wave - much to the envy of the surfers!

Category: Sit-On Top / Recreation

Application: General play and fun in rivers, low level white water (Grade 1 and 2), and great for surfing in the ocean.

Key features:

  • Clean, flowing deck design
  • Low deck profile that makes it easy for children to paddle - don't hit their knuckles on the side of the boat when they paddle
  • Two tracking keels on the hull
  • Luggage storage area with hatch
  • Unique UF Design handles make the boat easy and comfortable to lift, from any angle
  • Stable and easy to use for all ages
  • Great manoeuvrability and tracking for its size
  • Bungee deck rigging to strap loose items under
  • D-rings for backrests, strong and flush mounted with nothing to catch on
  • Paddle included 

The Skip story:

We wanted a kayak that was easy to transport around, offered uncompromised stability and capability for that weight and class of boat. It had to be stackable and easy to carry.

It's a boat for all ages and parents can relax, knowing that it's not a boat for long distances, and that kids will stay close while using it. It's a play boat in every sense of the word.

We expect it's a boat that will get handed down and stay in the family for years and years.


  • Length: 260cm
  • Width: 68cm
  • Paddler weight: Up to 80kg
  • Weight: 17kg
  • Deck height: 24cm

Please contact us for advice to make the right choice for you before you buy.

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