Halco TB55 Lure

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With the DNA of the classic Tilsan Bass, the new plastic TB55 takes consistency to a whole new level. Suspending perfectly in fresh water, this lure gives anglers the ability to sit the lure right in the strike zone. Check out how we went about taking a timeless classic lure design, and modernising it to roll with the best tech on the market today


  • Depth: 3.5m
  • Weight: 7.4g
  • Length: 55mm
  • Hooks: #6 Mustad Trebles
  • Buoyancy: Suspending
  • Speed: 1-4 knots
  • Applications: Trolling / Casting


  • H91 Silver Shadow: HTB55H91
  • R6 Combat Rock: HTB55R06
  • R16 Swamp Tiger: HTB55R16
  • R20 Lava: HTB55R20
  • R24 Deep Purple: HTB55R24
  • R27 Dark Side: HTB55R27

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