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The Sausage Mate Solution!

Sausage Mate is designed to sit steadily at each end of your sausages so they sit better for easier and more even cooking, finally solving the age-old problem of sausages not sitting properly.

Either leave Sausage Mate in position and turn your sausages individually, or roll Sausage Mate and your sausages along together using Sausage Mate to hold the rotation at quarter turns. Perfectly shaped and weighted so you control the sausages!

No more runaways, less curling and burning, less maintenance, no chaos! Just don’t be tempted to eat these pre-seasoned cast iron beauties, despite their remarkable good looks!

Use Sausage Mate at home, camping, or any bbq setting.

Sold as a pair.


  • Make sausages sit steadier
  • Hold sausages straighter
  • Stop sausages rolling away (or off!)
  • Control rotation and turning
  • Reduce curling and burning
  • Cooking more evenly - even gourmet sausages!
  • For home, camping, any BBQ setting


  • Compact but effective, perfectly shaped and weighted to control sausages for easier and more even cooking.
  • Turning slots provide a grip area so you can rotate or move Sausage Mate using typical bbq tools such as tongs or spatula
  • Solid cast iron Sausage Mate comes pre-seasoned so you can get straight to cooking sausages.
  • Low maintenance for easy cleaning and storage.

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