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Say Goodbye to the Great Aussie Wave

ShooAway is a safe and environmentally friendly way to eliminate flies.

Simply place ShooAway near platters, close to food and turn it on. The strategically designed soft touch blades will rotate safely and quietly, completely safe to touch.

ShooAway is deal for all outdoor entertaining, leaving you to enjoy the food and company and not the flies.

Keeps flies away by using harmless, chemical free technology

  • Soft stop blades: The ShooAway soft flexible blades are rotated by an energy efficient motor that comes to a soft stop if something blocks the blades, such as your food or hand.
  • Repel dotsAt the end of each of the ShooAway rotating blades are patented holographmatic discs. This unique innovation is the key to keeping irritating flies away.
  • Chemical free: Unlike so many other methods of controlling flies, ShooAway does not use any harmful chemical, so is safe for use around food, drink, children and pets.

White or black colour chosen at random. ShooAway is 26cm H x 40cm W with blades fully extended.

Operating instructions:

  1. Insert two AA batteries (sold separately) into base.
  2. Turn on when food arrives.
  3. Place on table close to food plates and platters.
  4. Enjoy a fly free environment.
  5. Turn off at end of meal.

Disclaimer: Keep away from eyes.

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