Smokin' Booty Rub Gift Pack (3 Set)

Smokin' Booty Rub Gift Pack (3 Set)

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One gift pack, three of the best pork rubs to come out of the USA! You're not limited to pork, though.

Three BBQ Champion Rubs – KC Butt Spice, Pig’s Ass Rub & Rub Some Butt – covering Kansas City, Memphis and Carolina styles of BBQ.

Without a doubt, this is the best collection of BBQ rubs to be found in (and out of!) the USA, and a great way to try all three styles! 

  • KC Butt Spice: KANSAS CITY- Famous for this sweet smoky flavour on butts, breasts and ribs
  • Pig's Ass Rub: MEMPHIS - Known for the flavour of vinegar, chilli, garlic and paprika, this rub is perfect for pork butts and ribs.
  • Rub Some Butt: CAROLINA - Mustard and vinegar flavour blended with savoury spices for the best pulled pork in the country.

Size: 6.5oz (approx. 184g) Jar each.

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